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Your a real estate agent, or a broker, your a AIRBNB? We work hand in hand with you!

We help you maximize sales potential and add value to your presentation and open house. Imaginimmo design ready to deploy its teams to accommodate you with your deadlines and we understand the meaning of sales timing. Contact us to take advantage of it now!

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We sometimes accumulate a lot of things, how to manage storage, design and practicality? We are here to liberate you, organize and style and create a luxurious and elegant designer atmosphere to receive guests. Whether it’s for your children’s toys and playroom storage or your wardrobe and even all the tools that accumulate in the garage, let’s find a pleasant way to gain space and comfort! Give your home an inviting new look

To Sale a House

When your selling a house in collaboration with your real estate broker, we make sure to understand your market and also to purify your home in order to make it more accessible for potential customers. Include a current and modern design in order to increase its market value. By applying the home staging either or reno/design concept.