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With over 15 years of experience as the most outstanding designer in California, France, Afrique, Canada, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario…Imaginimmo have the skills and techniques to fulfill custom design requests of our customers. Our team is made up of designers and carpenters, cabinetmakers, we collaborate with professional contractors and architects. Having their licenses. Plus, we can effectively manage all fit-out organizations, with our industry-specific experience, regardless of size and complexity. Our experienced project managers and collaborators have the appropriate knowledge to create a unique atmosphere for you.

We ensure the implementation, the arrangement of materials and colors, the quality of decorative elements and procedures to finalize your project in Canada, the United States, Africa and Europe, we travel as needed, to you provide the services or elements required. Not only will our design development services meet your expectations, but we will be happy to exceed them for your satisfaction.

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Why Choose Imaginimmo Design for your Project?

For years, we have been delivering the most reliable and authentic custom design services. We pay thorough attention to each project to ensure the highest quality installations at the most competitive prices. We collaborate with the industry’s leading builders/architects who ensure accurate outcomes for each project.

Did You Know?

To ensure that the standards of execution and good management of the planning, the design, the renovation and the finality of an immovable project, all according to a budget and a timetable established beforehand, be respected, Imaginimmo clearly defines in an agreement the details of the project management and design services.

For each project, a project manager is appointed and is responsible for offering a personalized service that will ensure the proper functioning of the entire project. We work in a transparent and personalized way to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

"This is due to their excellent service and customer support. It’s thoroughly refreshing to get such a professional touch of art of renovation design with Imaginimmo."
Jessica Brown

We Travel for you!

To be the most creative designers is our goal. We are made up of experienced professional designers and artists; therefore, we assure you that we will always provide you with outstanding design services. Our customers are very important to us, and we promise that we will always act with transparency and integrity while working ethically and efficiently at the same time. Do you need exceptional multi-region design services? We do what you need.

We are ready to climb mountains for you to find what is unique!