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Imaginimmo is a signature design

Creative Design Firm

Each project is unique...It all starts with a dream, an idea to be realized, That's why we want to offer you personalized service!

Imaginimmo Design is a family story! Your projects are important to us! We have developed expertise in the art of carrying out custom renovations & designs to meet your needs.

We want to be part of the stages of the realization of your ideas. We have a team that ensures results that meet your expectations.

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Our Services

What we're offering

Creation of design & realization, sketches, 3d layout plan, technical and detailed plan

 The 3R; Restorations, Renovations, Realizations

Residential; Kitchen, Bathroom, Division, , Flooring, Gypsum, Ceramic, Outdoor bar, Patio

Creation Concept, Period dating, Realization according to synopsis, Imaginary & Artistic Structure, Realistic miniature decor, Home staging for film set

Outdoor or Inside decorative support, custom creation design and more


The Art of Renovation

We are picky about the quality of execution of the work as well as about the details. We offer expert service for your renovation and restoration projects.  Renovation/Design projects
Our team includes:
Carpenter, Designer, Tiler, Painter and Cabinetmaker possibility of custom-made for your work.
«RENO/ DESIGN for residential: Kitchen, Bathroom, Division, Flooring, Gypsum, Ceramic, Outdoor bar, Patio…»


To Sale a House

When your selling a house in collaboration with your real estate broker, we make sure to understand your market and also to purify your home in order to make it more accessible for potential customers. Include a current and modern design in order to increase its market value. By applying the home staging either or reno/design concept.

Stage set, background YouTuber, TikTok... Cinematography projects, Zoom meeting for business from home

Our homes are more available to the outside world these days. Make sure you do it in style and leave a good impression. Our Home Staging service follows the trends and according to your functionalities. For the industries, we create designs or decorations in the image of your needs, whether for advertising, events or even according to the synopsis of your cinematography projects.

Home Furnishing Organization Design and Convenient Storage

Detail Oriented

Design & Practicality

We sometimes accumulate a lot of things, how to manage storage, design and practicality? We are here to liberate you, organize and style and create a luxurious and elegant designer atmosphere to receive guests. Whether it’s for your children’s toys and playroom storage or your wardrobe and even all the tools that accumulate in the garage, let’s find a pleasant way to gain space and comfort! Give your home an inviting new look

Custom Art Design

Custom design and wall art, ceiling mural & artistic graffiti

We work in pairs with professional and street artists in order to have very unique elements. Depending on the chosen design, we can offer you paintings, murals, and even handmade decorative objects in collection pieces. We design family portraits or a holiday wall, and even art in the image of your company logo. The possibilities are limitless.

We also design imaginary or realistic for theatres, cinema sets, music videos, advertising. We are creators with multitude of ideas or with the possibility of concretizing yours.

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