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Stage set, background YouTuber, TikTok… Cinematography projects, Zoom meeting for business from home

Our homes are more available to the outside world these days. Make sure you do it in style and leave a good impression. Our Home Staging service follows the trends and according to your functionalities. For the industries, we create designs or decorations in the image of your needs, whether for advertising, vents or even according to the synopsis of your cinematography projects.

Our team takes charge of the project, from start to finish. We will do all necessary, the research, the renovation and the design, home staging as well as the creation of the staging. For a result that meets your expectations and above all, for a professional look, call on our services.

We create design all in one solution or specific design for the complex needs or simple project, to the set stage of the movies industry & Events, to Airbnb at the home lifestyle.

2022- The cave, Martin Matte, For Maxi, Subcontracting; The Artistic Department, Éric Sénécal